Chris Vogt-Hennessy




Connect deeply, connect fully. A yoga practice can be a way to ground and center, to feel safe and supported in all that we do. When we feel connected, we become aware of the support that is already around us. The many self-care practices of yoga can be a way to connect to that deeper part of ourselves while at the same time helping us connect more easily with others.  




When we slow down and harmonize with our breath, we can use the breath as a tool for mental and emotional self-regulation. When consciously directed the breath can act as a bridge between the physical and subtle layers of human experience, creating balance within.




Yoga is for every body -if you have a body you can do yoga. There are physical aspects of practice that can be adapted and there are many transformative aspects of yoga, such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga philosophy, that may be applied and realized in our day to day lives. 


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